- Welcome to Bönabo Norrgård -

The Swedish countryside at its best

 Imagine a place where you can experience the luxury of total silence. A place where the forest's ability to calm all the senses is in focus and where the trees and the starry sky form walls and ceilings. Imagine having this place all to yourself! We welcome you to our unique and exclusive cabin Nöjders Ro, where you can experience it up close. It is not a place for those who want conveniences such as electricity and Wi-Fi, but instead a place for those who want to get closer to nature, themselves and just be here and now.

The cabin is located in the middle of the forest next to a pond, and you live first-class and spartan at the same time. Cozy up by the fire outside, listen to the crackle of the wood stove inside or enjoy a warm bath in the wood-burning barrel. 

Our highly valued food packages, which consist of ingredients that are carefully and sustainably produced here on the farm, can be ordered and prepared by yourself inside or outside, to then be enjoyed in harmony with nature. Here you become one with nature regardless of whether you are inside or outside and the relaxation is total!

"Thank you Bonabo Norrgard for a fantastic stay! You have really created a place where you can find peace for real! 🌲🌱💚" - Anna Kreutz

Bönabo Norrgård is located outside Hestra in Småland right next to Västra Götaland's county border, close to Store Mosse, Isaberg Mountain resort and High Chaparral. 

Bönabo Norrgård

335 72, Hestra

070-271 65 17