- The story behind the cottage Nöjders Ro

Almost nine years ago, when we moved to the farm, an idea was born to build a cottage here at home. For a long time it was something we only dreamed about, but in 2022 we finally got the opportunity to implement our dream project and now the cabin is ready! The funniest thing is that it turned out so much better than we thought possible, and here we have created a place where we ourselves would like to live! 

It stands completely undisturbed in a forest clearing, directly adjacent to a small pond. The cabin allows you as a guest to come to a place as close to nature as you can get, with wild animals right next to the house. 

The cottage is uniqe in many ways. Partly because of how it is located, but at the same time because of how it is built. Almost all the wood comes from our own forest, refined by Lars with the help of a small local sawmill. The idea itself was to make use of as much as possible, which resulted in all the parts that become from a sawn log actually sitting on the cabin. The backs (the rounded part) are on the roof, and the boards sit as wall cladding. The gutters are also made from the same wood and the attachment by a local blacksmith.

Inside, we have furnished the cabin in a state-of-the-art way, with the small detail that there is actually a lack of electricity and running water. We have solved this by using water canisters with a foot pump and a combustion toilet. You can therefore shower, go to the toilet and wash dishes - but this means that you need to heat your own water for the shower or for the washing up water. There is also very poor phone coverage at the cabin, and we chose the location partly because of that. We are convinced that all people feel better and become less stressed by being present here and now, and a little less dependent on phones and wifi.