- The food and the experience -

The food is a big part of the experience we offer here at Bönabo Norrgård 

.. and we invest a lot of time and energy in ensuring that it exceeds the expectations of you as a guest. Approximately 95% of the food we deliver in our packages is grown or produced on the farm, whether it's meat, potatoes, eggs or vegetables.

We think it is important to be sustainable, to protect nature and the earth, and thus adapt the menus to the season. The basis usually consists of meat or fish, potatoes and vegetables with accessories, but the seasons can mean that it varies between lamb/beef or venison, for example. All food is usually prepared by you as a guest where we prepare and include recipes in the packages and deliver to the cabin, but are also open to preparing and cooking the food together with you and having a good time together.

All food tastes best cooked outside with the forest and the fire as an extra spice, and therefore we always offer the option of using the Muurikka or the bbq for cooking. There is also always access to a coffe pot and free coffe for you as a guest to use.