- Our farm and the animals -

On our farm there are all kinds of animals. We keep chickens, sheep, horses, cows and pigs (and the family also includes some cats and dogs). All farm animals are old land breeds, which means that they are hardy and do best on food in the form of pure grass and grain. We are passionate about animal welfare and biological diversity, and aim to do what we can to keep our beautiful Swedish lands open and grazed in a sustainable way. We apply rotational grazing, that is, we let the different animal species graze one after the other. Different animals graze in different ways and this contributes to the land being grazed properly, at the same time that parasite pressure is reduced and that we therefore do not have the need to deworm our animals in the same way as you would otherwise have to do.

Our sheep are of the Helsingefår breed. They originally come from Hälsingland and are a so-called forest sheep. In the old days, they were kept "in the forest" to graze, and they are fantastically good at grazing down sly! They are very sociable and social animals.

Ardennerpower! There are five horses on the farm, four Ardennes and one Lipizzaner. The work horses, that is, our Ardennes horses, are the hub of the whole farm and the reason why we once slipped into agriculture. They are used all year round - in our forests to get wood out, and for agriculture when we plough, harrow, apply fertilizer and cut fodder! They are our most loyal servants and best friends.

Belted Galloway is the breed that dominates among our cows. Just like other animals, it is a hardy breed that prefers to lie outside than in the sleeping hall in the winter. It is a meat breed known for its pleasant mentality and fine marbled meat.

We have about eight different chicken breeds on the farm. What they all have in common is that they are old hardy land breeds, and that they are very good at foraging for themselves. They go in and out freely, and in addition to the food they find themselves, we give them mixed grain and minerals that we mix for our own machine. No weird additives and no performance enhancing substances, just happy chickens and good eggs!