- Who are we? -

We who run Bönabo Norrgård are Frida Andersson and Lars Johansson, and we have lived here since the summer of 2014. The farm is located outside Hestra in Jönköping county - right next to Västra Götaland's county border, with the forest as the nearest neighbor. Here we run a small-scale farm combined with cottage rental and a small shop. We are passionate about increasing the attractiveness of the countryside and passing on knowledge, and our goal is for as many people as possible to experience our fantastic nature and its animals in the same way that we have the privilege of doing daily.

Today, both Lars and Frida work with the farm, but also as self-employed "on the side". Lars as a forest entrepreneur with his Ardennes horses and Frida as an interim financial consultant. If we ever have time to spare, we like to spend it in the forest or in the garden. Animals and nature are very close to our hearts.

We would really like to welcome you here, hope to see you